Shields, Grenades, Freeze Tower, and Tractor Beam

We are working hard during the Early Access phase to bring the extra goodies needed for the game to unfold fully. Check out the new features: EMP towers, locust melee attacks, grenades launcher, Strider drone offense and a gravity gun. All these are already available on the Alpha channel!

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New screenshots for Steam

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Shields up!

Unfolding animation and sounds for the new shield  

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First official trailer

With no farther introduction, just put on your headphones and watch it. Here it is:  

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Rockets and Shields – adding new weapons

After our Early Access launch we had a Monday morning coffee to decide what should we do next. We all agreed that now it’s time to make the interaction with the world more interesting. So this week we will be spending experimenting and building different weapon systems for the PDS. The first two are rockets […]

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Voronium Locust Sols – Trailer

New visuals

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