“We don’t have the resources to make a AAA title, but we are a team of AAA players.”

We all have been in “dream” roles in our careers, now we don’t care about titles and ranks.
We do what we are passionate about: working with great people and making the world a more fun place.

Emanuel Greisen

I am one of the two original founders of Gamalocus – and I am so pleased that I finally found time to give this business another try. For the past 10 years I have been in different technical management positions which has taught me a lot about building enterprise scale software, business software, managing skilled people, and running a business.
In this setup I am going to do programming, recruit and lead the team, and on the side take care of all the administrative chores.

Søren Deleuran

I am a passionate graphics designer – skilled in both 3D and 2D graphics of all kinds. During my career I have had the opportunity to work with everything from visualization of architecture, 3D modeling, motion capture, video rendering, editing, production, and audio design.
I am also a driven musician, playing the guitar, piano, and drums. Back in the Call of the Warlord/Kings days I did most of the theme music. You can listen to it on the game website.
In the current setup I will look after 3D design and modeling of our game.

Alex Ribin

I am equally passionate about entrepreneurship and coding. For the last 12 years I was leading various tech startups, projects and teams, always staying hand on the code. In this setup I’m doing whatever is necessary to make this game a success – coding and solving bugs, but also PR and marketing. Should we meet for a coffee? Don’t hesitate to reach out.