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In the making - Voronium

Full speed ahead, 11 hours to Launch!

It’s 10:00pm Copenhagen time. We are all in the office, all high on energy and excitement, all working hard to make it happen. Last polishing of the game, last preparations for the big day of tomorrow. Will we get any sleep tonight? Let’s see about that. Don’t have much time for fancy posts, will just […]

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A first teaser is out!

This is not the final version. It’s made just to give you guys some feeling about the world setting and the game play. In the time of publishing this trailer, the game already developed quite a lot. You can expect a much more polished version coming out soon!

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Voronium logo – first version

We have the first version of our logo! It’s not the final yet, but now we can start creating the game pages on different platforms.

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Biomechanoid spiders – sneak peek

Here is a sneak peek of our new biomechanoid spiders. The initial idea was to keep the creeps as simple as possible, as we know that when we will have a few tenth of them running in the scene, they will be the most resource taxing component of the game. But after Søren spent a […]

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Splash screen

First version of our splash screen

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